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August 2nd, 2011

Vote for me!

Alright, people. Listen up - I need your support!

A few months ago, British progressive rock band The Tangent announced that they were opening a contest for fans to submit a solo to be included on a track on their new album, COMM. A short backing track was posted for those willing to play with it and submit their ideas.

Many people responded to the call and sent their solos, many using traditional instruments like guitars, keyboards, etc. Being the geek that I am, I thought I might set myself apart by using something a bit out of the ordinary: the MorphWiz app for iPad, a musical instrument developed by keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater fame. You can see my submission in the video below :

After posting that video on YouTube, I got some remarkably positive feedback, including from Jordan Rudess himself! Being a huge fan, I was just very happy to hear this from him!

Fast forward to this past weekend, the 10 finalists for the contest were finally announced, and I was pleased to see that I was one of them. On top of it, some of my friends from the band Mars Hollow (Kerry Chicoine on guitar and Steve Mauk on keys) also got selected, making the final round even spicier!

Overall I am quite pleased with the selection in that final round and I feel honored to be in such good company. But with such niceties aside, now it is time to WIN and obliterate my competitors ! Voting will end on Friday August 12, 2011 at Noon UCT (that's 3am PST), so cast your vote now if you haven't already!

Anybody (that means YOU) can submit their selection by e-mail, so I'll make it easy for you :
  1. Go to the Tangent web site and click on Solo Competition.
  2. Check out the top 10 submissions there.
  3. Select your top 2 favorites. Don't forget to include mine. :) You need to select exactly TWO - no more, no less!
  4. Send an e-mail to sally@thetangent.org with the names of your selections. My name is Stephane Peter, FYI.
  5. Profit!
So what happens if you vote for me ? Let's see :
  • My solo will be included on the upcoming album and I'll get credit!
  • I will decree that unicorns and other small mammals shall henceforth poop out rainbows.
  • Every child will be provided one basket of kittens on his or her birthday.
  • Free money for life ! *
So what are you waiting for ? Vote for me!

* These are not meant to be factual statements. Your mileage may vary.

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