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Concert: Frank Gambale at the Baked Potato

I went to the Baked Potato on Saturday night, and I would have posted this review earlier, if it wasn't for the passing of John on that day. I only found out the next day before I had time to write this review, and the sudden realization that he died as this concert just started quite weirded me out. I almost felt guilty for having fun while a dear friend was in his last minutes on his death bed. All the more tragic as we were chatting about overcode before the show started.

But life goes on, as painful as it is for now, and I'll now give a quick review of this special evening, as it was a very good concert after all.

I had seen Frank Gambale in Bunny Brunel's all-star jazz band a very long time ago at that same venue. That was one of the first concerts I saw there, before I became a full Baked Potato addict. This show was his own band, playing his own material. He is of course one of the most technically achieved modern jazz guitarists. Accompanying him were Joel Taylor on drums, Otmaro Ruis on keyboards, and Ric Fierabracci on bass.

Frank Gambale and his band

The show started with Frank playing on his custom Yamaha double-axe guitar. He commented saying that he had spent years finding a unique tunique that he applied to the lower axe. This resulted in some very odd sounding chordal patterns. Kinda reminded me of Allan Holdsworth in that respect. The other axe seemed to be using a regular tuning. He would later switch back to a semi-hollowbody electric, as well as his regular white solid body.

The setting was actually very intimate. I was surprised at how little people showed up for a Saturday show, so even though we got there about an half hour before the show, we were still able to get the best front-row table right in front of Frank. Which allowed for some great pictures. Once again the Guinness was very welcome.

Throughout the performance Frank showed a lot of humor and passion for his music. We could definitely use that. :) It made me laugh when he described his music as "confusion" (not just fusion). Quite a fitting adjective, especially for the material he played near the beginning. He later played some jazz standards and more conventional tunes, and also showed his rocking side with some relatively heavy songs.

The second set, focused mostly on material from his latest album. started actually as an acoustic trio - with no drums. The last song he played was actually a very good rock song. I was actually quite impressed by Joel Taylor on drums. He did great job at kicking lots of ass, something I didn't expect. Otmaro and Ric were also very good.

Even though I have been familiar with his music for a while, I still had to buy any of his albums. Between the sets I walked to him and bought a double live album. Too bad I never remember to bring my Sharpie when I should, but on the other hand, I did get my picture taken with him. Woohoo! Worth any autograph.

Frank Gambale and me!

So in the end it was a very good, relaxing evening, which is what I needed most. It took my mind temporarily off the reality we would all face the next day.

In other musical news, I may go back to the Baked Potato again over the next few weeks. Always good stuff happening there. More importantly, I want to get back into recording and get started on a new song that I intend to dedicate to John. I have some ideas that I am working on, hopefully this will come to fruition in the next few days or weeks.
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